Richard Broadberry has co-authored several books detailing how the ancient Chinese worshipped the same God as the ancient Hebrew people and how mankind’s early history as recorded in Genesis is found hidden in the ancient Chinese written characters.

Oracle Bones Speak

Oracles Bone Speak – Bilingual Edition

This bilingual book includes the original text in English, with a translated text in Chinese on facing pages.


  • Confucius revealed the clue
  • Who is ShangDi?
  • In the beginning, God
  • Chinese concepts of mankind’s creation
  • Secrets of a lost garden
  • Invader in the garden
  • The fatal bite
  • A costly rescue plan
  • Confucius pointed the way
  • The seed of a woman
  • Original purpose of the Altar of Heaven
  • ShangDi’s last promise
  • Epilog: Synchronizing Chinese and biblical history.

A new Chinese-English Version of this book, Oracle Bone Speak, can be ordered from Read Books.

God’s Promise to the Chinese

The make-up of words in Chinese calligraphy reveal a knowledge of the Garden of Eden, the Fall and the Flood. For example the word for covet is two trees and a woman. Chinese history goes back to the dispersal from Babel.

God’s Promise to the Chinese English and Chinese versions can be ordered from Read Books (in the USA) or from the Creation Science Movement (in the UK), and used copies can be found on Amazon.

God's Promise To the Chinese -- Chinese version
Cover of Chinese Version
Cover of English Version

Download Chinese Version

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For DVDs of his talks in Chinese and English, contact Lehrke Productions or and ask for “God’s Promise to the Chinese” Mandarin Version or “Chinese and the Bible” English Version.